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Aadu 2 Malayalam Movie (2017)

Genre : Comedy/Drama

Cast: Jayasurya, Vijay Babu, Saiju Kurup,Srinda Ashab and Sunny Wayne, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Bhagath Manuel,Vinayakan,Indrans

Director: Midhun Manuel Thomas


The movie Aadu 2 You may miss the Goat its because of This time instead of a goat (neelakoduveli) The story revolves around a golden cup.

The Movie is Just a Complete Nonsense Comedy Filim You can Watch with Family and Laugh.But it deals Some social issues too watch carefully you may find out what I am Talking


Aadu 2 is a complete comedy movie with a LOL moments. Just Like, the First part of the movie, the crux of the movie is a tug of war competition which Shajipappan and team are aiming to win. This time instead of a goat, the prize is a golden cup.This movie have superb entries for Shajipappan (Jayasurya) and his team. There is a clash between the police and the boys, and the entry of the protagonist itself makes one know that the film is going to be a mass entertainer throughout. As it evolves, we see the characters such as Vijay Babu (S I Sarbath Sameer), Arakkal Abu (Saiju Kurup) and Dude (Vinayakan) being introduced.

Jayasurya has made Shajipappan all the more alive with fabulous screen presence and impeccable acting skills.With the newly designed mundu (I like that mundu The two color One ) and stylized mustache.It is not just Shajipappan, but also the other characters like Arakkal Abu, Captain Cleetus (Dharmajan Bolgatty) who make the film engaging. Saiju Kurup needs a special mention for making Arakkal Abu (Abu -Bheekaran ) a lovable yet remarkable character. He can add it to one of his best roles in films. The screen presence of Satan Xavier (Sunny Wayne) is just a waste Role in this Movie (He didnt surprise you), In case of Dude and SI Shameer Both Did a well Job in this Sequel,the comic timing of Dharmajan Bolgatty, Bhagat Manuel, Harikrishnan, Vineet Mohan must be lauded. Anson Paul’s is in a completely new get up and the character has explored his acting capabilities and he has done justice to it.

The Colorfull Cinematography and Background score is an integral element of the film as it gives the viewers the kick while the gang does mass actions. Shaan Rahman has done it well. The Pappan Song was Really Superb. “Aadu 2 is a Complete nonsense Comedy Drama. You Can Watch this Movie with Family and Laugh as much you want.”

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Whats the Story ?

P.P.Sasi The Local Party leader (MLA) Now become The Minister .Dude, the villain in the previous film who had come in search of Neelakoduveli (a miraculous plant) is now not a gangster but an employee at a local restaurant. He is hacking a plot to rob its owner. There are so many hilarious moments where Dude keeps on getting slapped by his employer, without any reason — ‘just for fun’. The fun is emanated to the audience as well. Meanwhile, Satan Xavier (Sunny Wayne) from the previous film and his gang are busy dealing with international smugglers and is making money. Around this time, demonetisation hits, serving a big blow to all. The Other side The Pappan and team Wins Tug of war they got a Golden Cup. The Cup is Stolen By Some goons.

The Action Begins Here…!!!!

Go and Watch This Movie To know What happens To Shaji Pappan.

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