BookMyShow — My Experience

BookMyShow My Experience

I joined book my show in 2013 oh it’s going to 5 years now! They modified their site Mobile app day by day it’s all changed they introduced mobile wallet for money exchange etc.

I used a lot of mobile apps or site for booking tickets it may include the Tickets New, PVR, carnivals etc..But Why I love BMS over these it gives the details about the shows and events take place near me other apps or site never provide these feature this keeps the BMS to Maintaining their top position/

Yes, the look and style don’t matter work matters in case of BMS it’s 100% superb support.Let me give my Experience happened recently,I just booked a ticket for the Movie Queen Malayalam that’s was the first show in carnival Muvattupuzha.I arrived the place sharp time but there is no show !! There is a lot of people shouting “why you sold this tickets to us? “ blah blah blah… There is a fight between the cinephile and the Carnival manager.

Carnival officials Muvattupuzha

So I tweet them is there is any show? After few time they respond sorry sir the show was canceled and you will get your money back to your wallet. I got the confirmation And few days after the money back to my wallet So they are providing a good efficient service. so you can use the BookMyShow

Did anyone use site now a days in my case no..!! But the site works well too much options in larger screen. That’s all we can see filim slides in the monitor.

Offer Slides and more option about events plays more more options

I am an android user.

Bookmyshow Android application is good but in my view I don’t like the new modern design at all.In new design To the top there is two tabs movie and juke box ( does anyone use jukebox? )
In movie according to your location you can browse the movie time and ticket booking.
In bottom you see home icon , search ,Groups , and your profile icon.

I don’t like these shits about this app.
If you want to search change your location into a main one. Bookmyshow you should add it in the top tab the event/shows option. old UI was superb.
Any Other complaint ? Yes I need points for booking my tickets if I get one ticket free its ok !!! Now am ok !!

This is why I love about bookmyshow app these app having a wallet option and they allow all type of payment system ( paytym wallet oxygen etc.) they have a superb support system I already mentioned about it.
The Quick pay the Review writing make it different from other booking apps.The E-Ticket option that was a tremendous idea! whatsapp Business Collaboration I Like it :-)

I will recommend this site /mainly app for all by my experience they are awesome they are superb. Want to book a movie first check it in bookmyshow may be you get one + one offer check it out.

Toda… 😊

Originally published at The Critic.



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