Deadpool 2 movie review : it’s a Family Film watch only if you’re an Adult

The movie Deadpool is all about fun and violence

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
3 min readMay 18, 2018

When I came to the Cinema theater late (two minutes) the film was already started ( credit goes to the fu*king car driver who turned on the wrong indicator left for Right .)


  • It’s Funny but Rated -R


Deadpool 2
Director — David Leitch
Cast — Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, Karan Soni, Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller

The movie is Awesome ,its far better than the Prequel.Lots of violence and fu*king Funny Moments I laughed a lot. Cameo Scenes, Dialogues wow!!

Watch this Family Film only if you’re an Adult hahahhah !!


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The film is all about the family it’s not any romantic or revenge movie like prequel Deadpool 2016

There is a lot of a lot of violent scenes. But you will surely laugh at these violence its really funny that you laughing at violence yes you now become a fan of Deadpool.

Domino ❤ and Cable with Red :)

Like Marvel or the DC Universe? If you a fan of DC then don’t go to watch this film you may be screwed. Deadpool really makes fun of the Dark Comics DC a lot a lot.

Deadpool never forgets to say about the Avengers. Bucky, Thanos .. Etc.

The first attraction of the movie is about the title. Yeah, its total funny just like the Prequel.

Check if you’re going to watch this movie is funny Eg. Director: What The F*ck.Beyond that, you will see Black Panther movements, Bond-like title presentation it’s all main attractions.

The movie is about the family. Yeah, the F-word works. The first part of the movie deals with the killing and death of the unicorn. after that joining of X-men trainee :) here comes the Russel the kid Mutant it changes the movie.

Cable a guy from future came to kill the Russel. Deadpool wanted to protect the Russel. But eventually, kid Teamed up with another Bad guy. It’s the most loved character of Deadpool. Haha. What’s going happen?

Not X- ‘MEN’ It’s gender-neutral, non-sexist X-Force.

The X-Force the team made by the Deadpool the interview is quite funny. I loved the ‘black Black widow ‘ Domino. Her Each scene are interesting anyway its all about luck. Brad Pitt was amazing sorry did I mentioned about Brad Pitt? “Spoilers” yes he is in this movie. The team x-force is not did anything but it does a few good moments in this movie.


Acting huh! Mr.Pool never forget to give autograph in the name of Ryan Reynolds. Yeah, his acting and actions are nice.Cable the Guy Josh ‘Thaos’ why you are here? Did you from DC? (Jonah Hex) .They all done well the Dopinder wanted to kill someone in his comic sense, Russel everyone is a good fit for the filim just like the boxer of Deadpool :)

Final words. Yeah, it’s an A -Rated movie but surely thus movie make you laugh.

Hey, don’t stop. it’s having a super amazing post — credit since yes he gonna steal the Time machine and going to kill the Green Lantern ( Think DC replaced the Actor )

“ You can’t live if you don’t die a little “
: Old Black Lady Al ( Am not Racist )

Go and Watch this one with parents Kids… :)

deadpool 2 to 3
Waiting for the Next Sequel !

“Last but not Least the Kill the People Who Abuse Childrens “

few month before there is a trending news #kathwa

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