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3 min readAug 7, 2019


Do you like to Cheat? Do you like to be cheated?

Cheating or lack of loyalty do you like this.

Currently there some 3 Hidden things are cheating on you but you don't realize it.

What are they?

1.Social media

after a few time, you may like it or otherwise, you may forget it.

If you like it there is a chance of sharing the 💡idea or the news post or article, so it reaches the maximum people.

If not it will be hidden until someone choose to explore it.

Social Media is a carrier of pieces of news, pieces of information etc but these all are True or Not?

Did you think 🤔?

Without knowing the news or article has a reliable source, how you can believe it the social media saying is true?

There is a massive role in case of MNC to publish news to the subscribers or to the users.

Their products are easy sales with the help of social media.

So while you're a Fan of celebrity they are forcing you to buy the product. By paid reviewing.
But you trusted them. They cheating on you.

The videos, or post on Instagram or YouTube any social media don't believe it at first sight.

2. Motivation

It's the key of Everything in life right?

If you are self-confident then you can achieve more.

In Life, you are born with the Thirst of achievements in education, job, life etc.

So you need to be confident too, Achieve more than you think.

Currently, you can see a lot of Apostles of Self-confident in the internet world.

They will give you directions, notes thoughts, Finally buy My book or collect a ticket to attend my class there I will discuss some secrets about this.

That's really funny right. If you read any books they all are the same then what's the difference?


I never said the All Apostles are like this there are some they stand out from the crowd.

You know, who you are what you're capable of doing, find it don't look others.

Maybe you can't just up the weight like the Gymnastics can do .but there may be something you can do find it.

Don't think my words of a mentor you can lift it.

Find out the truth from everything.


The last one mainly the Religious one.there are other believes like political, people...blah blah

Religious belief this one is most dangerous, am I a religious one? Currently, am Studying it no Observing it.

If you believe something it will lead you to addict it like drugs.

First, it kinda drugs the most dangerous drug in this world is religion.

If you addict it they teaching may according to the people who lead the religions.

The users will follow Whatever the fuck they say.

Currently, Kerala its the 100% literacy state in India there is a form of fake believes started named 'Kripasanam' they promoted by some Christians churches the Miracles gonna happen if you kept it, you will pass all exams will good marks, you will overcome stress, anxiety, disease blah blah...blah

It's not Miracle its a Virus the religions are afraid of people, they created chaos.

What about the Political views, Each day they come up with one news to blame the other party.
Do you believe them?

The actors act in public to promote the next film.

The news media only come up with that creates a higher TRP rate.

Do you believe it?

So what're your thoughts about these three things I said about Social media, Self-confident, Believes about religions media, social and political.



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