Fake News is going Viral why?

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
1 min readApr 9, 2020

Currently, what we are afraid of is the truthfulness of news? According to the old era currently, we have the all technology to provide the news as soon as it's happening. But there is no technology to prove it's right or wrong.

The fake news or Hoax are the main problems in the modern world.

You may be mind washed by the news.

Why it's so going viral?

The reason is you. According to me, the reason is you. while reading news you think it's right. but you never cross-check the news with other sources. You want to be the first messenger who shares/ forward the news. Means you want to prove you're one of kind who keeps the Pure heart for the people.

That's the reason.

People want to gain respect by showing something to the world.

Sometimes it seems like giving charity to the people, helping the poor ones. I didn't say these are bad. These are good things but you capturing it and spread it through the social media by paid advertisement it's bad.

Why? Do you need acceptance?
If so I'm sorry.



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