Five Must Have Accessories for Men Who want to be Stylish

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
3 min readJun 27, 2018

Five Must Have Accessories for

Men Who want to be Stylish

Women’s are not the only one those who busy to keep their beauty kit. Does men’s have Beauty Accessories? Yeah, they have too. But they don’t keep where they go.These are the 5 must-have accessories for a Man who is Conscious in his beauty and Style.

Let me tell you 5 must have accessories

Every man should have.

1.Nail Clippers.

Yes .Nail clipper’s are very important to keep the nails look more stylish stunning and clean .so make sure you used nail clippers.

Nail clippers are very important to keep the nails look more stunning and clean .Maybe men never polish (color ) their nails.The Most of time men’s using Shoes so why they need to be clean in case of nails ? Yes sure . while using shoes socks the nails may absorb resurrection so be clean.



Men need a good trimmer to (Beard trimmer ,Nose trimmer ) take care your hairy look.The Trimmers are nowadays called multi-functional. what’s it’s means ? They all came with multi blades, With adjustable blades . So with one trimmer you can do most of Grooming works. Ok. so with a trimmer accessory you can style beard Hair etc. So you need a Trimmer in your cupboard.

3.Comb , Hair styler’s. Hair Dryers

You already knew it. we always kept some mini combs in out pokets (some have small mirrors too) but whats I really said you must have your own Combs and Hair styler’s .Dont use others (it may reduce the chane of dandruff etc.).

Hair dryers make you to give a Yes the hair style make a perfect look So be use Combs and Hair styler’s.

4.Tooth Kit.

You need Toothkit. Dental floss ,brush ..etc may help you to clean and whiten your teeth the smile is one of the important so be sure use have a tooth Kit.

If you may Get unexpected kiss? mouth should always clean and fresh.kept a mouth freshener in your poket.

5. Shaver

“ I don’t need it.” I’m a Macho Beard Man so I don’t need that, but You need it. Shavers are useful not only used for the facial hairs it’s used in Pube.

You should be clean always not only to show off but also to be ready to layed too. :) My point is you definitely need a shaver. For to be stylish .

I Think these are the Five accessories most important to a Man to be Stylish . So are you using any of these accessories .?

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