Five Things I Check when Choosing Mobile

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
2 min readSep 6, 2018


Five Things I note when Choosing Mobile ,we want new new technologies but if our phones doesn’t support ? Choosing a new Smartphone is adifficult task but do you know how I Escape this task. Here I tell you about it !

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Five Things I Check when Choosing Mobilephone !!


Must choose a Brand Mobile. The Others are bekkar (Hindi word-useless). The branded mobile is safe and You can shout or make a complaint but if it’s not you can’t complain about them. because they don’t have any brand value,And another thought is that the branded mobiles may have good service across the nation. They will provide you with better service and customer support so always check customer service and brand value.


In my case, I need more memory. Or you need more memory in your internal space to install apps and storage. I will say you should avoid buying 8gb internal memory go for 16 or 32 GB If it 64gb Then wow!


You need more backup time. For calling, gameplay, watching movies etc. Currently, most phones are above 3000mah battery so if there is an option above that you can choose that phone.


Software support, Which version of the software is using the phone? If using Android then the current version of Android is 8.0+, iPhone running iOS 8+
Good Phones (Brands offer more than 3-year software updates and support so you must check whether the phone offers that.

5.A special feature

Buy a Smartphone with a Special feature that helps your lifestyle.
Special features. Like IR blaster its help you a remote operator.Emergency mode for Extra battery life.

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