Four Facts About Don’t Post Too Many Stories in instagram That Will Blow Your Mind!

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
3 min readAug 4, 2018

Don’t post too many stories

Instagram Updating day by day And I love this app more and more. The snap chat copycat feature Instagram story is the most highlight.
I said Why I like this Feature. And how to make superb Instagram stories via the app.

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Please don’t post too many stories.

Instagram stories can include mainly photos with captions, links, videos etc.these are nice for the audience or the followers.

Four Facts About Don’t Post Too Many Stories in instagram That Will Blow Your Mind.

But think different did you check Instagram stories of all the people you’re following? Must answer be A big No.why?

1.Its Disturbing!


Don’t post too many stories, yes you have to tell a lot of things but if he doesn’t listen? Yes, too many stories are disturbing You know people have no time to watch the entire story of your’s Don’t disturb the followers.

2 why its Disturbing?

According to people mind, first, they look at their friends then their important style icons or celebrity stories. So you post an interesting story that catches interesting then you got a permanent follower. actually, we don’t have time to view all stories so keep not simple.

3.They will unfollow you!


First they may hide you, second they will un-follow you. The Hiding is also just like an unfollow. so They information you’re providing or as a business account its a big loss.So Don’t post too much stories.

4.How many stories?


Four kickass Solutions for this!

  • Post less than five stories a day. Five is a maximum number. if you a blogger or an Instagramer
  • Stories should be interesting or attractive using the apps.
  • Make a unique style for stories.
  • Be friends with followers.

Don’t forget don’t post too many stories. Five is maximum keep it attractive.plan your stories.using any planner App.

That’s my point.

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