Godha Malayalam movie (2017) Review

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I just went for this Movie Mainly for

Three Reasons
1.To See Whats The Surprise acting By Tovino Thomas

2.To See Ranji Panikkar ie.his Wrestling (Body) lol

3.You know That The Punjabi Girl Wamiqa Gabbi. ❤

Tovino Thomas in Godha

Tovino Thomas He is again Surprised us Yes truly He done a character name Anjaneya Das a Engineer Graduate No a passionate cricketer.He love his Career in cricket but his parents want him to do higher studies and forcibly send Him punjab.So he turned a WrestlerHow ? Tovino make you laugh,You can find a Youngster lover who don’t know how to explore his love to the Girl he met and Common Malayali who loves poratta-beef etc.. Tovino you did it man.

Ranji Panikkar (captain) Omg! Your Body we came to laugh but you made us Clap Man.The main Soul in this Movie it’s You’re.We saw a passionate Wrestler,Coach,Goon(Lol) and a dad.

Here comes the cutie Champ The Punjabi Girl Wamiqa Gabbi (Aditi Singh) a girl who dreams Wrestling championships but her some of familymembers don’t like this.They are trying to force her to marry someone and be a ‘achi patni’ yes it’s an inspiring story and you fall in love with her beauty sure.But She came here Kerala for love or for her dreams?Wamiqa we love your acting_Wrestling. Just like all non- kerala girl

Aju Varghese, Dharmajan, Hareesh, Sreejith Ravi oh you people your recipe of humor surely make us laugh.Parvathy (Mother)The new Gen_Mom we all want this Mom, and Mamukoya they all take part a good roles in this movie.

Filim is a journey of Das From a old Gusti Village to punjab and second half you may end up the journey in th e village.The representation of fight between young cricket fellows and Old Wrestler’s was nice.In visuals We feel some Bad Editing Blur effects in some scene but overall it’s good. The songs are superb but the Main Mentioned point the way of the Songs presented we loved a lot Story and all other works are too good.
Basil Joseph You done it man we sure the Movie Give you a Break!
The Cameo Role you done I noted ! 👍

Go and watch this Movie with your Family it will entertain you sure ♥

In My Words its a Complete Family Entertainer (3.4/5)

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