I Googled about Halloween

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I Googled Halloween

The past day internet pool is full of Halloween pumpkins. Pewdiepie posted it and most of the internet or the influencers posted pics about it.

Did you know what it means?

Halloween means what it is is a cult party? I Just googled about it what really is Halloween.

halloween decorations

According to Wikipedia. Halloween Traditionally known as All Hallows’ Evening, Halloween falls on 31 October. It is always the eve of Christian festival All Saints’ Day on 1 November.

OMG! I’m not Christian? There is more than to learn.

Did the Bible say anything about this Festival?

No. First of all, understand that Halloween is mostly a western custom and it has no direct reference in the Bible.

History — origin

The origin and meaning of Halloween are derived from ancient Celtic harvest festivals.

Just like Onam in Kerala.Don’t know about Onam?

The Story Behind the Halloween

The origin of Halloween began over 1900 years ago in England, Ireland, and Northern France. It was a Celtic celebration of the new year, called Samhain which occurred on November 1. The Celtic druids revered it as the biggest holiday of the year and emphasized that day as the time when the souls of the dead supposedly could mingle with the living. Bonfires were a large aspect of this holiday as well.

Samhain remained popular until St. Patrick (There is another festival St.Patrick day ) and other Christian missionaries arrived in the area. As the population began to convert to Christianity the holiday began to lose its popularity. Why? We need Holiday.

However, instead of eradicating pagan practices such as “Halloween” or Samhain, the church instead used these holidays with a Christian twist to bring paganism and Christianity together, making it easier for local populations to convert to the state religion.

Another belief about Halloween on November 1, demons, witches, and evil spirits freely roamed the earth with joy to greet the arrival of “their season” — the long nights and early dark of the winter months. The demons had their fun with poor mortals that night, frightening, harming, and even playing all kinds of mean tricks on them.

The only way, it seemed, for scared humans to escape the persecution of the demons was to offer them things they liked, especially fancy foods and sweets. Or, in order to escape the fury of these horrible creatures, a human could disguise himself as one of them and join in their roaming. In this way, they would recognize the human as a demon or witch and the human would not be bothered that night.
What a Funny thing…

person with skull face paint and umbrella

I Just stopped reading about it in Google.
I found out Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals in Major countries.

Actually what the Celebration really means.?
In India, there is Holi, Deepawali (Diwali), Onam, Christmas Everything become Commercial.

We are living in a commercial world that organises the festivals for us. It costs only bucks. Few bucks,

We don’t care whether our neighbour fills their stomach or did they sleep well.

Actually, going Everyday in church or participating in holy mass didn’t make you a good person or a religious one. Do something for the people without expecting nothing in return.

You can celebrate what the Fck you want!

But if you do something to others you may feel awesome. Just try once.

Oh, I forgot to take a selfie with the Orphan!

Don’t ever do the fck as the fake World or people are doing.

Taking Selfie while Giving food, Cloth or etc.. In My way it’s not a good thing. Yes, you did a good job, my dear.You know who you’re.

Ok have fun and Enjoy the beautiful life.

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