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♥ Learn Things from BAHUBALI.

Learn 3 Things From Bahubali, Did you Watch the Blaster Movie Bahubali ?Yes ! I will tell you about the things,or the Charater ability that I like from this Awesome movie by Rajamouli. The Main Leading Character name is , Bahubali itself. The Role played by actor Prabhas .He done Three Roles in the Movie One The Amarendra Baahubali ,Second Mahendra Baahubali and Other is Shivva. He done well and I think he Earn More Fans by this Movie. Ok Let me Tell You the abilities or the 3 things I like in this character.

1. Super Human

Shivva Taking
Shivva Taking “Shiv Lainga”

Yes, The Role is a Super Human role.First Should say about the Character inBahubali the beginning in this filim we can See Shivaa ( later Mahendra Bahubali) He is a great Trekking Expert and We can see the Huge Muscles :) When he take the “Shiv Linga” Yes he is a Super Strength Human.

I said Super Human Nah! So he should be having extra Brilliance. Yes this Role is Brilliant He climbiling the Waterfall with Tiny tricks.If you want to know More then we can choose Amarendra Bahubali, and how he Kills The Kalakeyas With Only Some sheets :) The Bahubali is a Strong Man With Brilliance.

2. A real Lover Who love Dharma

He is a Lover fellow — Who fall in love suddenly .When we look through the first part of the filim the Shiva Climbs the waterfall only for a “Misterious girl mask” fell from the Hill. At First sight He fell in love with the Girl Avanthika.He gave a Promise to Avanthika ( You Know what he promised ) The Bahubali always Kept His promises.

Source Courtesy: NDTV Khabar

Whether in second part the Amarendra bahubali also gave promise to Devasena He will marry her.it yes he is an awesome man Who love Dharma.Thats why The Bahubali leaves the kingdom of Mahismati.He Cut the head of the Culprit Yes he Know what to do and how to do yes he is a Real ruler who love Dharma.

3. A SON.

Fun not at all.I found that Both Son and Father Bahubali brought up by other Womens.Yes Both Bahubali Loves ther Moms.In first part Shivaa Loves his adapoted Mom Sangha (played by Revathi) and He do everthing for His mom :) Yes he loves his Mom.In second Part of the filim We can see in intro of Amaredra Bahubali !

Source Courtesy :Firstpost

yes he Loves his Mom.We can Hear the Dialouge “ Protect my mother -Kattappa Mama “ While he is dying.You can See a Courageous Son Who will Kept The promise for His Mother Devasena Yes the Both Bahubali charater loves Ther moms ♥

These Are My Selected Things I Like from The Character Bahubali.

Which is your favourite ? Or You have an Extra to add Comment it below ! let me know :)

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