Out side the window

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
2 min readJul 31, 2018

Outside the Window

It’s raining! The climate people like most. But did I like this climate? Actually not. But why people like this climate?

Poets. Yes Raining one of our main subjects. It’s the Love,Novelists have also compared it to love or other emotions. It’s a beautiful thing. Artists yes, I got a subject to draw something — “a kid coming from school in raining season or kids playing while raining”.

It’s in the case of a few ones.

Let us think about the thoughts of some more people. Kids say hi rains some like to play in the rain if their parents allowed ( its only happen nowadays)

While I studying in primary school. I loved a lot of rain it’s because while raining the teacher never teach us because of the heavy sound. the sad thing was the Lunch while raining We miss sitting in verandah for eating our “ kanji and payar “Raining seasons in the school verandah is the parking location for the umbrellas. Because of that sometimes we lost our umbrella too.

The farmers were praying for the rain to get a maximum good harvest from their field. The main water source is the rain so we need rains.

If the rain breaks its barrier then the floods happen no electricity, people may suffer a lot the rain destroy the nature.

The present-day I laughed a lot about rain you why.It’s about the kids. The kiddos are commenting the District collector’s facebook page they wanted Leave because of the heavy rains. Each comment are made me laugh ( even though I hate to go to school I’m a lazy one )

Yeah raining that’s happening when I look through the window.

Why I don’t like it.

First of all, Why I love rain while raining I love to sleep. did you like that? sleeping while raining and drank a Hot coffee eat Biscuit while raining.these are my favorite things do while raining.
Why I don’t like the rain. Yeah, I think while raining we are trapped yes I think I trapped somewhere. I can’t move. The view is beautiful but in the case of myself The heavy raining may destroy the normal atmosphere. Feel like its night you want to take a rest means its sleeping time.

The mood is just to watch the rain that’s all actually I don’t like the Rain only because of that.

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