Parenting is Not Pay -Renting

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
2 min readMay 11, 2020


Parenting nice word right? While starting this article series First of al I have to tell you something as the introduction.

I’m not a parent. This article is written by a child. You can read the article by the aspects of the way a child think how a parent should be, or parenting.

The most of the thoughts or thing I’m gonna write here is my 25+ years of life thoughts

The parenting is start from the day of when you expect when you’re expecting.

So it’s starts when you do it.(the sex).Sex its just not an Entertainment (I know its Casual dating era.) Parenting is not simple just like the hook ups.

Marriage and Dating

The Parenting start from here.You know there are people want kids so they are trying then trying and finally try other possible things like in-vitro..and some are simply going for adoption etc… I don’t wanted to blame this scenario but some get pregnant by mistake wow some are unlucky for this some hate to have kids (oh..poops)

So being pregnant is awesome because you’re lucky to make (she cooked an embryo) a living thing.

It’s Positive.

Girls are mystery real mystery in the world.She confused and checked with the strips find-out it’s positive.

Some feel happy because they planned for it or she planned for it.( Nowadays everything according to plan — this entire article series should be planned before I write but actually its not !)

Some may feel annoyed because its like a lightning in the rain here comes the parenting.

The first emotion after knowing that you’re pregnant here you are entering to the world of parenting.



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