Rules in College Life expected and happened

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I was very happy while I joined my engineering in CUSAT main campus.So much expectations and planning,Yes life is full of planning but everything not going to happen according to the plans there may some external particles that may twist your life.

Here I tell you what was my expectation before going to the college and after that what I learned from there.

These are the Seven Rules in College life

Rules I learned from College Life expected and happened

7 Unexpected Rules for College Students Before and After College life. Yes This is My Experience in College. and What Rules I expected and Happend in my college life.”College life is that the part of life that you’re going to relive in Your moments till you breathe.”

My dear Friend You learn a lot of things in your college life it’s kinda awesome life period.

In My College Life I have such feeling like Sadness,happiness,Hate, not time for Love 😂 Ok.

7 Unexpected Rules For College Students

Before and After College Life that I learned from My life.

Going to College?
Lets count the 7 Rules before You Going to College

Rules before You Going to College

1. Be a Regular Student.

Don’t Absent in Class. Everyclass is important if you absent in one class it’s a big loss. “Every day is important so be in class, and study well. “

2.Wear Uniforms./ Strict Dress Code

Strict dress code /Uniforms are must while in College. Yes you don’t allow to wear normal causal dress while you’re here you must follow the rules of the college.

3.Write Down Notes.

“You must Write down the notes. Because it’s College Here Prof. Will note give you notes. you must Write your own notes.”

4.Submit Your Assignment at Right Time

Assignments are one of important thing in whole education system. So the vast amount of topic you have to cover then write assignments and submit at Right Time .You have internal marks for those assignments.

5.Ask Your Doubts

Yes While in College you may doubt in studies.When you done assignments you will get more Doubts. (I’m talking about studies 😜 ) Your Doubts will clear.

6.Good Manners in Class

Behavior is important.Now you’re in College so you should behave as like mature.


Yes Why You’re in College? You came here to Study. Yes you have to Study well — Properly. Then you get a better Job.

These are the Rules You must Follow.But if you Follow this I don’t know How you will Graduate from the college. So I made some Changes in this Rules from My Lesson Let me tell you. what I learned from my college,

7 Unexpected Rules After College life

Read The Unexpected Rules

Rules I learned from College Life expected and happened

I learned the Rules I expected is not works anymore,I followed that idiots rules but that is never going to work in college in college you need these rules it works most case.

7 Unexpected Rules After College life.

1.Be a Weekly Visitor in class

How it’s possible ? If you don’t get attendance then you can’t attend exam.You will expelled ?
No. You should find a proxy friend.He will be there for you and by the help of proxy friend you may get attendance more than any students in class.

2.Don’t wear Uniforms / No Dress Code

What you said No.uniform ? Yes check which prof. Are taking class and After that you should wear Uniforms ( teachers are important )

3.Never write Notes !!

If Professor Said submit your notes then ? Yes some teachers may say submit your notes then you should submit any of your seniors notes.

4.Don’t need to submit assignments at Right Time

You should be a pet to that proffessor.then he/she will give you marks.

5.Never ask Doubts.It will make you an enemy Big Enemy!

Yeah.Never ever ask Doubts to Prof. The Proffessor.may look at you and he will think who the hell are you. And that will lead you for less internal mark and may be you will never graduate at all.

6.Be a Flirt.Womeniser.Praise everything everyone (Being Fake)

Yes the flirt behavior is important that make you popular.and praise everyone etc. It will give you marks.

7.Study -Yes Study how to copy !!

Truth have no value in college.if you wrote true Your own words prof.Dont give you marks they want what’s exactly in books so you must study how to cheat in exam, copy it will give you more marks

Hey These are Some findings from my college life.People Graduate and got placements in MNC by following only these Rules. And some are not 😊So am not responsible for anything happens to you by following these Rules.

Did you tried any of these Rules ?

Comment your Thoughts …below

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