Six Precious tips Help you to get better at the flood

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
3 min readSep 6, 2018

My place Kerala affected by the largest flood in history. Yes, we will overcome any difficulties. Because we are Malayalees (I hate calling Mallu).

Any Natural disaster brutally takes, People’s life, wealth, home etc.

Flood it’s a natural disaster. maybe humans are responsible for that .that’s not the subject here..fellas

Actually what I learned or I wanted to share?
That’s Six Precious tips Help you to get better at the flood.

That’s Six Precious tips Help you to get better at the flood.

1. Secure Your Important Documents.

Image result for documents safe
water proof lockers :)

it’s raining there is a chance of flood so you must keep the important document with good plastics or polythene covers.

2. Buy Powerbanks and keep Charging it.

Image result for Powerbanks
buy a Powebank!

You may have bought power banks if you’re a traveller.b ut you should charge always and use it if there is a chance of electricity loss.

3. Buy Good Mobiles

New Phone Who Dis GIF - Newphone Whodis GIFs
new phone!

What did you say ? Good mobile ? The Phone with good battery life and The Features that help you to get more talk time in your smartphone (Now a days phones enabled by superpowers like features )

4.Keep Some Foods

Image result for dry fruits
dry foods are good!

Dry fruits and Water Biscuits, cookies. It will keep you strong .

5. Switch off and kept safe

Beaker Electrocuted GIF - Beaker Electrocuted Ahhh GIFs
be safe!!

In order to avoid electrocution, switch off the electrical main switch if flood waters enter your building.Keep all electric and electronic gadgets at a height to avoid inundation .

6. Vehicles

Minivan GIF - Minivan Vehicle Rocket GIFs
if it possible !!

Park vehicles in a height such that they are not marooned.If its possible.

These are the six tips I find out during the Flood Crisis :) Do you have any tips?

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