Things you can’t go without?

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
3 min readAug 3, 2018

Things you can’t go without?

Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form.Actually what the addiction of something means? It means you very much care or love that thing.Things you can’t go without? that you cant live with that thing your’e addicted to.

Things you can’t go without?

In my Childhood, My dressing Style is like Shoe + Cap. I always need a Cap. Nowadays cap becomes a trend.
Ok. My Mom Said to me One day an uncle (teacher colleague) took my cap from the head and said “ Hey kiddo I just took your cap” it’s just for a play but my reaction was different I just throw the cap and I never put it again Mom bought a new one for me.

That’s was My character in childhood.

So. What about now what are the things Currently I can’t forget while I go out.?

Mobile phones.


In this Era. The Most important thing in our poker is this tiny (maybe 18:9 5.7 inches..) Mobile phone this gadget is important to call.capture image. Browsing the internet, Social media a lot of things.


If you’re Using a mobile you should carry a headset for listening to music or watching videos without disturbing the others.


Time is the important most important thing in the life. Yes, you have a phone so why should I wear a watch? It’s a typical question of all. In my way, it’s like a pride or without a watch, I just feel something I miss in my hand .you can check always a phone for the time, may he the phone in poker so the watch should help you.


The thing you can’t forget while you go out. a wallet is not only for money it keeps some small documents like driving licence or the cards etc.without these you can’t go out.

Bracelets/Hand bands

This one is my extra thing. I love to wear the chains and bracelets so whenever I go out I always wear bands and bracelets (try some bands or bracelets it will give you a hipster look Oh! I forgot to say you can use the Smartband for monitoring the actions.

So. Briefly, things you can’t go without?
1.Mobile phones
5.Smartbands (optional)

Agree My list or you have an extra? Comment !!

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