Top Five next Instagram Update Should be.

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
2 min readOct 20, 2018

Top Five next Instagram Update Should be

Top Five next Instagram Update should be this, My Humble suggestion to the instagram :)


The Most Trending and Upcoming social media app are Instagram. The App Curating the pictures and small video clips. Instagram is the best app for drive traffic to blog too.

Instagram Hidden Features

Instagram app having Some hidden features mean, Only a few are available to the common users. Here I will write what should be the next Instagram update users want!

1.The Swipe Uplink!

Currently, the swipe Up only for those who have 10k followers. I never say it’s for every account please make it at least for The Biz accounts in the Instagram.

2.Story Limit.

Actually, the Instagram Story is best but more stories in one profile? It’s totally disgusting may be a user may click unfollow button because of that ( I do ) so limit the story by default or user can set it up!

3.Shopping Feature should be Global

This feature is good for Startup companies, it will help the Small startups in the country too.Make fast review for the startup companies.All biz accounts.

4.Remove video feature in Instagram

Yes.There is IGTv so why the video feature in Instagram so if you remove the vedo from Instagram people will definitely view IGTv and they become IGTv creators.

5.IGTv and Facebook!

Do cross platform and Then the video view will be increase as well

These are my Few Humble request and Suggestions to the Instagram as a user and blogger.

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