Type of Students in Class

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Type of Students in Class

Are you a Teacher? But in early days you were a student isn’t? In the classroom you will see amazing characters just like film each of them representing so many characters yes.I gonna tell you 10 type of students I found in my class, based on their characters.

1.Romantic Romeo


Yes.In your class, you will find out one guy who is ‘pushpan’ (The Guy who is attached to every girl in the class and outside of the class ).Most of them are so smart and active in the case of girls they are very helpful to girls for taking photostat etc…


The ‘Sakhav’ (Comrade) In every class there is a political enthusiast in that there is a communist Guy/Girl we can call them ‘Sakhav’ they are very helpful in case of any trouble happened in the college or class they came with some argument and deal with it.

3.Tech Geek

The Tech Geek.Who is always in Love with his mobile or laptop.He likes to talk about the Technology, Latest gadget.. etc.They will help/provide some information to you for some minor issues happen to your gadgets or help you to decide what gadget you wanted to buy they are living “Tech crunch” site in your class


The Guy behind Every beautiful picture.He loves to snap pictures.Having a DSLR or with a smartphone, he will amaze you with his Click the photo looks like a cover picture of time magazine.


In each class, there is a Leader who can lead like mosses he is support you will provide you best in everything.We can believe he will support the class in everything and do everything for the class.

6.Study Worm

Is class over? Is there is any special classes tomorrow? Any home works teacher? The guy who only like to study.we came here to study not for playing.What will I say about them you know that person right?


Yes.The student who is genius and talented but they don’t do anything they just fly like a butterfly they don’t submit assignments may sometime even don’t attend the class these guys are so smart and do anything for their friends and classmates but most of the teacher hate these guys.


The New Generation Student.We can call him the fashion geek or Style geek.their dress and Appearance may attract you.


Creative man in the class the next Picasso or Da-Vinci.They are the master of art, with the help of them we may create or cover pages etc.most of them keep photoshop as like their bible.


They guy he will take part all of the above and but nothing effect their career or lifestyle they can manage everything everyone loves them amazing persons did you find anyone in your class, college?

what the Experience in your student life? If its true in case of your life then Comment !!
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