Who really Iam ?

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
2 min readFeb 16, 2020

I am not a good one who you can be found in paradise. so am I too bad?
Of course not. So what defines me? Good or Bad?

The good, it means the qualities that required for that's not harmful. the Bad means it's just quit the opposite the poor quality and harmful, these are the top description of these words when we google it.

Am I harmful or not harmful? The good and bad things may be analysed by some rules it may religious or governmental. These rules set our minds and we become Jude of our own court, and after all the sessions analysis we made a judgment this person is good (bad.).

Some right may seem wrong and some wrong seems right. The Rules take part the main role here.

If I said I'm a good one. There may be people who hate me. (I don't know)

I can act like good to the public according to the rule ( like wearing a mask ). I know we all wear masks. Keeping a good (bad) image in society does make us good? (Bad)

We know we did a bad thing (rules) .but we can pretend to the world we are good. So good at hiding the bad is also known as the good person to the world.

It's all about the perspective views.

So ask yourself are you good?

Actually, you don't need to show to the public you're Good. They're not living your life.youre living your life don't care about what others say about you backstabbing you. It's all just a matter of time they want a mislead the story so they find a plot in you just for a moment.

Be you and be good as you are.
Don't think about others. Be you !



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