Why I Like Blogging — My Selected Views about Blogging

Able Chacko Elavumparayil
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Hello peeps!


Why I Like Blogging.I’m Able Chacko.Just a Small Kiddu with 99 Secretwishlist.I need to fullfill this secret wishes in this life time :) Whats your Secret Wishes ? (Do You Have any Tell me Here)

Its me One of My Candid Pic
I’m Just like this, Candid Pic Kiran Broh

I Love Watching Films and Travel, blah blah.. Every one likes it Right ? If i get a free time I would be in searching new news circulating in web? I love whats trending! I think you too. You should Use twitter for more than that of facebook for this the trending news may first come up on Twitter :)

“Whenever you feel down, you can check on Twitter and feel better about yourself, because it’s only people who like you.” — @angelcandice


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“On Twitter we get excited if someone follows us…”

Why I like Blogging ? Yes I like Blogging

♦ To Share My Views about Trends. Everyone have his own view about Everything I like to share my views to others.

♦ To Build a Virtual Circle or Group of cyber fellow who are having same or different Thoughts its possible by blogging.

♦ To Spread the word- Its Helping to spread the word around the world.

♦ To Be a Part of Blogging World.

Blog Born!

People Ask me About Which Gadget I choose What Colour Suit me? How’s This Dress ? How’s That Movie Should I go ? Whats Your Opinion about that?

So I gave them Advices! and I like to Give Advices Everyone likes it Right ? :P So Decided to make a Blog my Own but after I bought Domain I was very shy! How to Start this ! finally I started my blog.No Niche Blog! Born.

You can Ask Me Anything Anonymously Or Youcan simply Contact Me !

No Niche Blog ?

Every Blog Having a Niche! Entertainment , Career ,Daddy blog , Mommy Blog,Fashion,Travel, Automobile,Filim, Gossip ,Tech Blog !…. Blah blah (Oh I find a lot of category type of blogs)

In My Blog My Views About Living,Food,Culture,Entertainment, Love-Family-Friends- Relationship and more topics happen my My Life. The things are posted here are From my Cupboard. If you like then Spread the Word About this Blog 🙂 love you..

You Have Something to Say ?

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